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Mountains of skulls: the best infernal and demonic tattoos

Mountains of skulls: the best infernal and demonic tattoos

You are not afraid of nightmares and the most terrible demons. On the contrary, you are amused by people who are afraid of death and otherworldly forces. You want to show that you are fearless in the face of death and the most sinister nightmares. Especially for you this selection of the coolest infernal tattoos.

22 of the coolest tattoos with flowers

22 of the coolest tattoos with flowers

Tattoos with flowers are very popular in different styles, sizes and colors. Flowers make the tattoo more attractive and beautiful. If your tattoos are too boring and dull, you can add a few beautiful colors to make them more attractive.

Small Tattoo: 15 Most Inspiring Tattoo Ideas

Small Tattoo: 15 Most Inspiring Tattoo Ideas

If you want a tattoo, but you are afraid to start, the best choice is a small tattoo. Perhaps you want a tattoo with a meaning or an interesting design. There are a lot of absolutely wonderful little tattoos that you will definitely like and inspire you.

Questions about tattoos

With prolonged exposure to the sun, tattoos burn out and lose their brightness. Over time, you will have to make a correction and refresh your tattoo.

Tattoo can and should be done on scars, scars and stretch marks. The procedure is best entrusted to an experienced master who has experience with skin problems.

You should give up the idea of ​​a home tattoo. This tattoo is associated with a very high risk of infection and inflammation. Entrust your tattoo, an experienced artist!

If you regret the tattoo, you can remove it with a laser, but there is no guarantee that the result will satisfy you.

The tattoo will keep color for many years, but under the influence of the sun can lose color. Always use sunscreen on tattoos.

The best photos of male and female tattoos 2017

Where Tattoo

Catalog of the coolest photo tattoos. Every day we collect tattoos made by the best masters from around the world. The albums contain a huge number of tattoos that are sorted by colors, tags and styles. Highlighted men's and women's tattoo. Look for tattoos with animals, birds, space subjects, heroes of your favorite movies, symbols and signs. Look at examples of tattoos on different body parts from head to foot, as well as sleeves and intimate tattoos!

Male tattoo

A steep tattoo of a real man is a sign of strength, will and character. The status of a confident cool male is priceless. The meaning of tattoo you determine yourself. Be a man - make yourself a unique tattoo that reveals who you really are. Find the best master, choose a story that will reveal your character and never dare to doubt your choice of tattoo.

Tattoo for the girl

Classroom tattoo adorns the body of a girl. A tattooed woman is the dream of many photographers wishing to find a model for creative photography. Join a cohort of bright and extraordinary girls with tattoos. Female tattoos are genuine emotions and true life. In our catalog, girls will be able to find the most fashionable and steep tattoos, see examples of sleeves, tattoos on the hands, feet and in the intimate zone. Do not forget to look our catalog regularly in search of fresh ideas.